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The Logo

In February of 2005, Lalo took two brothers from La Carpio to Saprissa stadium to see their favorite team play. It was the first time ever for Luis Carlos and Leonel to ever go to a professional soccer game. These two brothers would go on to become the founders of the most storied soccer team in the history of La Carpio. Eventually their team would win a tournament in the same stadium. They would even get to meet some of their favorite professional players a few years later at soccer camp as their heroes shared their faith.

A few months after their first game (August '05), Luis Carlos and Leonel wrote a thank you letter to Lalo. Luis Carlos likes to draw, and the drawing he put on that letter was a heart with flames on it. The original drawing to the exact lines became the logo of the soccer team. A Bible verse was soon discovered, Luke 24:32 "Didn't our hearts burn within us as he talked with us on the road and explained the scriptures to us?" The road into their part of La Carpio "La Cueva" that leads to the community center became their road to Emmaus. This is where a lot of the kids caught the fire and got wings for their flightless hearts.