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La Cueva

The part of La Carpio where the community center is located is known as "La Cueva del Sapo", the cave of the toad. It's also sometimes used to identify the local gang, one of about 8 in La Carpio. Most people call it "La Cueva" for short. When people who live in La Cueva are asked where exactly it is, they always point to somewhere else. It's like chasing a rainbow. Not many people in Costa Rica want to identify with La Carpio. In La Carpio, not many people want to identify with La Cueva. The name is actually pretty positive, simply forget about the toad and focus on the empty tomb of the resurrection.  As the light outshines the darkness, good always prevails in the end. That's why the band, a group of La Carpio musicians are called "La Cueva". Resurrecting what was once a negative name and taking it back for the Kingdom.