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Community Center

This is a video about the transformation in La Carpio after the first three years. Back in '05, the kids played soccer using just a couple of rocks to mark the goals. One of the first projects was to build soccer goals to their specifications, which made the game a lot better. It also chronicles the humble beginnings of the soccer team and eventually the little league soccer team as well as the acquisition of hardware. Community service comes into play as well, with everyone coming out to improve the street (which makes for better skating). The kitchen has come a long way. The kids sure do like to bake cookies. One of the early problems, was an alley on the side of our property where vagrants would use and sometimes even sleep there. The area was eventually closed off, roofed and paved. Bleachers were put in which of course led to some of the famous indoor tournaments. There is a before and after picture of the bridge down by the river. The humble beginnings of our computer lab can be seen as well. Finally, one gets a glimpse of the ongoing music project. Of course, the above video was made in '08. The pic below is what the community center looks like today.