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Queso y Freddy

Jose Martin (Queso) (L) and Freddy (R) are the junior administrators of La Carpio's first computer lab. 

Queso was discovered by Brendan as a talented kid with amazing computer aptitude. Queso didn't even register on the ministry's radar until computers were introduced in La Carpio. There is no telling what this kid is capable of. He is a true prodigy with a genuine heart to serve. 

Freddy has been around for a while as a rising star in the soccer program. He has participated in every La Carpio mission trip. In early 2010, his family did not get back from Nicaragua in time to matriculate him in school. It's always a shame when a kid loses a whole year. Freddy was just staying at home and helping out with household duties as both of his parents were working. One day, he came to the community center and asked if there was anything he could do to help out. He started out sweeping floors. His curiosity eventually led him into the computer lab. When the opportunity arose for Queso to attend computer classes in San Jose, the young prodigy needed a compañero to go with him. Freddy was the best choice at the time and the rest is history. This dynamic duo excelled in the computer classes, and even helped the instructor with students from other parts of Costa Rica. These two young men have been a huge part in the success of the La Carpio computer lab and will be an even bigger part of the transformation of their community as they lead La Carpio across the digital divide. The exciting reality is that more things will unfold in the future that no one has even thought of yet. Whatever the future holds, these two young men and countless others will always remember 2010 as a year that changed everything.