Computer Lab

The computer lab has been a work in progress for several years. It started out with a few laptops. Over time, as the ministry gained the trust of the community, it was deemed safe to have desktops that could be left over night and long term. Kids had been learning some computer skills, but for the most part it was just an arcade. Everything changed with internet access. La Carpio is in a remote area so cable was not an option. WiMAX was the last option and it turned out great. WiMAX is a wireless internet technology for rural and remote areas.  Once online, the people of La Carpio discovered that they were part of a larger story. The local news media only reports the negative things that happen. What they discovered online is that there are years worth of positive stories, online photos and youtube videos all about La Carpio. With the facebook, some were even able to reconnect with friends they have made from the states who had been to La Carpio before on mission trips. Some of the kids even have their own blogs and pages and are beginning to tell their own story. Before 2010, people from La Carpio had to get on the bus and go to San Jose to get online. Now, they can walk across the street and what they would have spent both with time and money on the bus, they can use for a whole hour of internet access. Internet has also improved the quality of the computer classes. Some kids are even learning object based programming. Most of the citizens of La Carpio are immigrants and work low wage manual labor jobs. Most of the kids are first generation Costa Ricans and some are becoming literate for the first time in generations. Computer literacy will take everything to the next level. Costa Rica has a great infrastructure and as a result, a lot of tech companies like HP and Intel have a presence in the country. Most of the kids participating in the computer program will get better jobs. The ones that really excel, will get some of the better paying tech jobs. This will go a long way in transforming the community, not to mention the generations.