It had been a dream for several years shared by many to one day take a group of kids from La Carpio to camp. In the Fall of '07, several camps were contacted and they all seemed out of reach. The "dream camp" was perceived as a camp for rich kids. This was all a result of thinking too small. In January of '08, a small group of kids from La Carpio went on their first mission trip to San Carlos and served and ministered to children at a nearby orphanage. Somehow, this unlocked a lot of blessings. Upon arriving back to San Jose, the phone started ringing and the same kids had an opportunity to go to the "dream camp" La Montaña Christian Camp. It was as if God got bigger every day while at camp. 

Since '08, the kids in La Carpio (groups of around 40+) have been going to the best Christian camp in Central America twice a year. One for teens and the other for preteens. 

Since '09, the soccer team(s) have gone to soccer camp. This camp is not just about soccer. Former and professional Costa Rica soccer legends who are Christians not only instruct the kids in soccer skills, they also share their faith. 

A single child can go to camp for only $60 and a cabin of 10 can be sponsored for $600. 

These children live in a poor barrio where they have to look out for themselves and also take care of their other siblings. When they get to camp, it is a safe environment free of barrio problems. The kids are well fed in camp and one can see the joy return to their faces as they are free to just be kids. This is also the place where some of these kids come into a relationship with Christ.

In 2010, the phone started ringing again. It was the camp calling asking for volunteer leaders from La Carpio. The La Carpio ministry had been developing leaders for over five years and part of that development had taken place at the camp. It just made sense that these kids could be cabin leaders at camp for other kids from other parts of Costa Rica.