Third Gender in South East Asia

What is the Third Gender?
o    People who are considered to be neither women nor men in regards to their biological sex, sexual orientation, traditional gender role, or gender identity.
o    Viewed as an intermediate state of being both male and female (such as the spirit of a man in the body of a woman), an ability to cross or change genders, or another category altogether independent of male and female.

Why am I teaching it in the SCA?
o    I have been teaching the Kamasutra for Men and Kamasutra for Women classes at Pennsic for 10 years now and every year I have a handful of students who don’t know which class they should attend due to their non-mainstream gender identity
o    Many SCAdians have requested a class explaining how non-western cultures view alternate sexuality and gender identity
o    Desire to show and educate others regarding other culture’s views of gender and sexuality in a positive and clear manner