My Story Within The SCA

Decency, realty, and love; personal views and public opinion-- one who knows the Kama Sutra sees through all such things, and is not programmed by one's appetites. -- Pinkney pg 21 The Kama Sutra Illuminated, Erotic Art of India

It all started with the Kamasutra. I was a Middle Kingdom stick-jock with Indian pretensions but no real depth or interest in taking it beyond a name and a country. I didn't know where in India my persona was from, what she did when she wasn't hitting people with a stick, or even what she wore when not on the battlefield. The Kamasutra changed all of that and has made me who I am in the SCA today.

I began teaching the Kamasutra at Pennsic many years ago (2001 CE) and recieved a great amount of praise for it. One baroness went so far as to call me "delightfully shameless", which I still hold to be the highest of praise. For, like the Indians of the past, I believe that there is nothing shameful about enjoying our bodies. And I want everyone to know the joys of shame-free desire.

I taught one class for men and one class for women. I separated them not for modesty (nothing naughty happens in class) but to keep all students comfortable as we discussed socially taboo topics. The subject matter taught in both classes is essentially the same. (Really, it's just a two hour book report with discussion.) Some variations occure as I focus in on gender specific duties or answer questions. But, generally, the lessons for men are the same as those for women.

Frequently I have gays, lesbians and transgenders ask me which class they should take. Gay men should attend the men's class, lesbians should attend the women's, and transgendered individuals should attend whichever class they primarily identify with.

The first four years I taught in the A&S tents at Pennsic during the early morning (this allowed me the freedom to take classes as well as teach), but this was not an ideal situation. I frequently had more students than space and had to shout to be heard (interrupting other classes and possibly corrupting unseen minors). So I began teaching in the Middle Eastern dance tent at the top of Rune Stone hill.

Real Life intervened and I had to move to Trimaris where things are very, very different. I was encouraged to diversify away from just sex. I knew so much about India by now that surely I could teach more than the Kamasutra. 

Besides Kamasutra for Men and Kamasutra for Women I have also taught Hinduism 101, Kamasutra for Couples, Beginning Indian Garb for Non-Muslims, Persona Pitfalls, Courtesans 101, Courtesans of the World, The 64 Arts Every Indian Should Know, Third Gender in South East Asia, Intro to India, Indian Feast Etiquette,  How to Fake an Authentic Indian Hairstyle, Indian Beauty, Breathing Life Into Your Indian Persona (a two day class), Period Prostitution in Medieval India and hosted a Courtesan's Roundtable. 

Other interests within the SCA are Indian Costume and Culture, Jewelry Making, Middle Eastern and Indian Dance (especially Mohini Atam), Silver and Bronze Casting, Equestrian Activities (no horse yet but huge interest), competing in A&S, and possibly even returning to combat.

Interests outside of the SCA include baking, reading, writting, swimming, gardening, riding, disc golf, and long hours spent at the library. I love nature, liturature and field study of my favorite topic. I've majored in (or considered a major in) education, ancient civilizations, geology, pastry chef,  library sciences, and human sexuality.

If you find me at an event and have a question you can always feel free to ask. I might walk to a class as I answer but I promise to always do my best for you. I swear to answer truthfully, thoughtfully and with as much documentable evidence as I can find.  Hope to see you in class!