Yo, Adrian! We did it!


 Heather and Jose

 October 25, 2008

Getting Ready

I woke up the morning of at 7:45 a.m., due to a friend's "Congrats!" phone call. I haven't spoken to her since.

 So I got up, and started to get ready for the day.  Jose and his friends did as well...at a Wings & More.


So, to clarify, Jose and his friends and family got ready for the wedding by drinking beer, eating wings and watching football, while I was getting gussied up.  Sound fair?  No. No it does not.


The guys did this:

The girls did this:

It's a bunch of crap if you ask me.

Moving on...we went to the venue to get ready.  The place is a bed & breakfast with cute little cabins and a white chapel in the middle of it all.  We made use of the biggest cabin, got ready, and had some picture-takin':



...while once again, the dudes drank beer:


PS: My husband's the big one on the right :)

 Time to get going! 

We (and by "we" I mean "I") made the invitations, menu cards and various other signs with the help of the fabulous knottie Daipaste.  She and knottie Macdidlyicious also helped me with the programs.  The ribbon, however, was a pain in my ass and took forever, since my husband claims he can't tie a bow.


 The Wedding

Our flower girls were a little nervous, but they did great

  My dad, the former marine, actually got choked up.

And then the pastor said blah blah blah, and we were married!


Because we weren't having a regular send-off (we booked the b&b for 48 hours) we put buckets of dried lavender on the backs of pews so that guests could chuck it at us as we came back down the aisle:  

Some people had other plans for it, and dumped it on the person right next to them.  Which is cool, cause I got a ton of that shit down my dress as it is.  By the way, it itches.

This was about .2 seconds before our buddy Justin dumped it on his girlfriend's head

Then my girls bustled me up, aka, felt up my ass.

The Reception

 The reception site is a few steps from the ceremony site.  The pavilion has an indoor and outdoor space, but since the dance floor and bar were outside, that's where the action was.

I just really like this picture:

 Our bridesmaids and groomsmen were introduced to the theme from The Sopranos, and Jose and I were introduced to "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys:

 Then we ate and drank and then we danced and drank some more.  Here's various shots in no particular order, some pro, some not:



 Our first dance was to Otis Redding's "That's How Strong My Love Is"

By the way, just before our dance my damn bustle broke, so I had to jimmy-rig it with some safety pins. That's why it looks wack.  

My dad and I danced to The Tepmtation's "My Girl"

I'd just asked my dad if my bustle made my ass look big and he said "No..." and we both said, "But your ass makes your ass look big."  Made us laugh. 

The Aggie War Hymn:

 Then we cut the cake:

And then I said "Screw this, I'm changing clothes."

More dancing...


Yeah, those are my parents, dancing to "Runaround Sue."

Our flower girls are really really cute.  Way cuter than yours.

More drinking:

ahhhh, Jager bombs.


Our group loves the shots.


Waiting for my husband to take my garter off:


Apparently at some point I had some captain in me.

I dunno.

Our buddy Justin caught the garter:

Then there was more dancing.

Um, and don't act like you don't look just as goofy when "Baby Got Back" comes on.

So, at about 1 a.m., I hit a brick wall:

 And then it was sleepy time.

People signed the guest book all night, but most of them signed it on the way out.  What is written in there is pretty funny.  According to the book, Rick James was there.

That's all I got for now.  Thanks for looking!

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