Clouds Over The Santa Barbara Channel

A semi-professional photographer living in Santa Barbara, California.

I learned the technical aspects of photography using a 4x5 film camera as the photo editor for my college newspaper and yearbook. I then had a 45-year career as a research scientist. I switched from film to digital in 1999 and began concentrating on the art of photography when I retired in 2006. I began doing large scale panoramas in 2007 and consider it to be one of my specialties, along with wildflower macro-photography.

My wife, Charlotte, and I have hiked and photographed in the Los Padres National Forest and the Sierra Nevada for many years. I have benefited greatly from Charlotte's constant encouragement of my passion for nature photography. By attempting to capture nature's wonders through photography I believe that I have become more sensitive to the natural world. It is my hope that my work will convey the miracle of nature to others as well.