I'm a 20th century American woman with one foot in the 16th century of Vijayanagara dance culture.  I'm a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism and this is my home page.

"Mistress Lakshmi Amman, Baroness to the Court of Roxanae II and Darius II" is both a figure of my imagination and a person that many people know, love and trust.  She's a 16th century temple dancer, currently residing in the capital city of Vijayanagara. 

"Beth Kelly" is a 6' tall, goofy American lady with a serious love of India, dance, fabric, theater and creating nearly anything.  I've studied Bharata Natyam since 1999, Carnatic music since ~2003, and Kalari payattu since 2005.  I create block printed fabric, sew cholis and other garments, and teach people the art of sari draping.  I was born and raised Caucasian and Catholic, but that hasn't stopped me from falling in love with Hinduism and feeling that it's an equally valid way of practicing faith in god(s) and being decent to other people.

Other that... Beth and Lakshmi are the same person.

I put this page together of my best notes at the time when I study and recreate dance, clothing, and other parts of performing arts and material culture.  My goal is to give anyone else trying the same thing a leg up so we can all get better together.

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