Todd "Lone Dog" Bordeaux


Todd Bordeaux was born in Minneapolis, MN. He is a member of the Sicangu Lakota Oyate in South Dakota. He currently resides on the Rosebud Sioux Indian reservation.

Todd lives with his father Ted Bordeaux (Lakota) an extremely talented musican, an award winning artist in his own right and with Todd's beautiful and talented girlfriend Karen Beaver (Yup'ik, Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara) who taught Todd how to do beadwork and helped him to refine his style. Karen is also an award winning artist. They live on ancient ancestral land where Ted was born and raised by his great-grandmother, Sara Bordeaux. For Todd, the spiritual connection to his ancestors goes far beyond just being decended from Lakota people.

Todd views it as a huge honor and a responsibility to fight for and to educate all people about the plight of the Lakota Oyate and all Indigenous people by using fine art as his weapon and his voice. Todd tries to correct historical inaccuracies and to enlighten people through his work. Todd truly believes the ideas that he comes up with, come from somewhere else not his own creation but are gifts from the ansestors. He knows he is simply tapping into a higher universal construct, where thoughts and ideas flow freely. Todd credits his understanding of these ideas to attending the ancient and sacred ceremonies of the indigenous people.

Artistic Style
Todds work is highly contemporary but maintains an ancient indigenous feel. His work is incredibly progressive and highly intricate. Todd is considered a master beadworker for he incorporates beadwork into the many mediums he pursues. Its hard to put his work into any one category. He has reinvented ledger art by actually beading the pictographs then applying them to the old ledgers. He is decended from renowned wintercount keepers so he carries on these stories by beading those icons onto a stick to produce a 3-dimensional wintercount called storysticks.

His beaded butterfly and dragonfly jewlery are incredibly realistic. Todds bracelets called North Meets South, combines the southern blue green stone(turquoise) with northern plains style beadwork. His parfleche bags are intentionally traditional but on completion are very modern and couture. His sculpture is very abstract, hard and rough, usually made out of steel. He has won major awards, with 3 best of shows and 1 artists choice award.

He has been published in Changing Hands: Art Without Reservation 2. It opened at the NY Museum of Art and Design and traveled the entire country. He will also be published in Artists of Indian Market volume #8 by CIAC Press. Todd was also featured in Cowboys & Indians magazine Sept 2008, in Today's Ledger Artists article.

He helped to produce the first all native off Broadway theatrical production entitled TRIBE at the Ordway Theatre in St.Paul, MN. Todd helped to create traditional dance regalia costumes. Todd also performed on the main stage at the Ordway Theatre, drumming with performing artist Brule'. Todd has major works in many permanent collections across the country.

Terrific Season
In 2008 Todd had his most incredible single season. He not only collected 5 major awards in 2 shows but was honored by being asked to judge one of the country's most prestigious juried art shows the Eiteljorg Museum Indian Market in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The official SWAIA videographers and authors Dr. Gregory Schaaf and his beautiful wife Angie Yan Schaaf  asked Todd if they could follow Todd and Karen to NPIAM show to film a documentary about them and the Northern Plains show. They were making a documentary about the fight to get Indian art recognized on the world stage as fine art and not just kept as a the sub-category 'Indian Art.' It was a truly incredible opportunity to reach out and educate the world about the Indigenous Art renaissance.