Goal Setting in Learning Analytics (LA) Research

"A goal properly set is halfway reached" ~ Zig Ziglar

Since learning is a goal oriented process, Goal Setting theory with its firm track record in educational research has the potential to address the following aims of Learning Analytics:

  • Optimize learning. Learning goals  guide learners to where learning is relevant and enable them to focus effort and attention to goal-related activities.
  • Facilitate self-reflection. When learners set goals they engage in what is called a discrepancy-creating process. The process of resolving the discrepancy allow learners to reflect on their performance and adjust the magnitude and direction of their effort to match goal requirements.
  • Prediction. Analytics on goal setting generated data can be used to forecast goals that students may want to pursue next in order to achieve a learning outcome.


Given the potential of Goal Setting theory in LA research the time is ripe to bring together LA and Goal Setting researchers in an open marketplace of ideas through this workshop. Hence, the aim of this half-day workshop is to gather researchers  so as to discuss ongoing research and identify promising directions for studies that apply Goal Setting in the LA context. Specifically, we will

  1.  Discuss the theoretical and empirical aspects of traditional Goal Setting as applied to education;
  2.  Provide a venue where current Goal Setting technologies can be demonstrated;
  3.  Explore ways on how to apply analytics on  data collected through goal-setting technologies; and
  4.  Explore the possibility of establishing a Goal Setting interest group within the LA community.

Target Audience

The target audience and/or participants who can benefit from this workshop are those:

  1. Who are in the learning field and need tools to execute their Goal Setting ideas,
  2. Who already have tools developed for testing other elements of learning and are exploring better ways to integrate/set up goal setting as part of their tools' features.
  3. Who want to situate their Goal Setting ideas within the LA context,
  4. Who seek collaboration with other Goal setting researchers, and
  5. Who want to contribute to the shaping of the direction of Goal Setting research in LA.