Board of Supervisors

  • Serve for three years as one of five on a board responsible for town business the law has not committed to others.
  • Oversee annual expenditures for the safety and welfare of town citizens, including fire protection, land ordinances, town roads, elections, solid waste, and record keeping.
  • Work with other government units and groups for the welfare of citizens and the environment.

Current Board:

  • Charles (Chuck) K. Davis was elected in March 2013 and re-elected in 2016. Supervisor Davis is the liaison to the current Roads & Bridges and Building and Grounds Departments and the representative to the St. Louis County Area Townships Association (SLCAT).  Contact Supervisor Davis at or through the town office: 525-4991.
  • Gerald (Jerry) Larson was elected March 2007 and re-elected in 2016.  Mr. Larson is the Vice-Chair and is the liaison to the Recreation Department and the representative to the Duluth Area Townships Association (DAT) .  Contact Supervisor Larson through the town office: 525-4991. 
  • Robert (Rob) Wagner was elected in March 2017.   Mr. Wagner is the liaison for the Community Events team.  Contact Supervisor Wagner at or through the town office: 525-4991.

  • Diane Holliday-Welsh was elected in March 2017.  Ms. Holliday-Welsh is the liaison to the Planning & Zoning Commission /Board of Adjustment, Ex-Officio to St. Louis Co. Planning Commission, and liaison to the Recycling Department. Contact Supervisor Holliday-Welsh through the town office: 525-4991.

  • Alex "Mike" Keller was elected in March 2017 to serve out the 3 year term.  Mr. Keller was re-elected to a three year term in March 2018 and will serve until March 2021.  Supervisor Keller is the current Chair of the Board. Mr. Keller is the liaison to the Fire Department and will serve as the Safety Officer. Contact Supervisor Keller through the town office: 525-4991.

Town Clerk, Appointed

  • Serves as the official recorder for township meetings.
  • Records and files all Township documents.
  • Publishes and posts all legal notices of official Township functions.
  • Ellen Hanson was appointed in May 2010.
  • Contact the clerk at: 525-4991(town hall), 409-1999 (cell) or
Deputy Clerk:

Town Treasurer, Appointed

  • Reviews bank statements and performs accounting of all Township monies.
  • Performs accounting for all Township receipts and expenditures.
  • Provides audited reports to the Board of Supervisors.
  • Invests Township funds.
  • Elizabeth (Liz) Davis was appointed in March 2017. 
  • Contact the Treasurer at: 525-4991(town hall), or
Deputy Treasurer:
  • Eugene (Gene) Bromenshenkel  was appointed in March 2017.