Buildings & Grounds
Recycling Attendant - Merle Abernethy  



  •  Check the bottom of containers to make sure they are labeled #1-7
  •  Rinse all food containers
  •  No FILM or FOAM. This includes any styrofoam, plastic bags or wrap
  •  No plastic cups, plates or utensils
  •  No buckets
  •  No plastic that contained motor oil, antifreeze or other automotive fluids
  • Caps and lids can be included


  • Rinse all food containers
  • Labels do not need to be removed
  • Cans do not have to be flattened
  • Do not include any non-food and beverage cans or scrap metal
  • All colors of glass are accepted for recycling
  • Rinse all food containers
  • Labels do not need to be removed
  • Do not include any window glass, canning jars, ceramics, dishes or drinking glasses



  • Press or pasteboard boxes and packaging (cereal and pop boxes, packing and clothing inserts, legal pad backing, etc.)
  • Paper of any color
  • Copy machine and uncoated fax machine paper
  • Envelopes with or without windows or self-adhesive
  • Tablets, legal pads and notebook paper
  • Junk mail
  • Glossy pamphlets and brochures
  • Manila folders and envelopes
  • Newsletters
  • Shredded paper
  • Carbonless paper
  • Paper ream wrappers
  • Phone books
  • Magazines



  • Cardboard that has a wavy layer in between two pieces of thick paper
  • Cardboard with printing or color
  • No cardboard covered with paint, grease or other contaminants
  • No waxed cardboard
  • Paper bags



  • Newsprint and advertisements
  • No paper bags

Inside the shed, all the bins are used for mixed up containers.  There is no need to sort out the different colors of glass from the plastics or the metal cans.  They can all go into the same bin. 

Outside, mixed paper will go into its own dumpster as will cardboard (add brown paper bags to this).  Newspapers are in a separate bin. 
There is one category inside the shed – mixed containers and three categories outside – mixed paper, corrugated cardboard and newspaper.
Aluminum cans (clean & crushed) go into the can shed.
Stop in and check it out.  Happy Recycling!
DO NOT leave recycled materials if the shed is closed. This will be considered a dumping violation.
Recycling Tips from WLSSD

Roads & Bridges


Lakewood Fire Department

Fire Halls located at 5195 N Tischer Rd., Duluth MN 55804 and 5772 Lakewood Rd., Duluth MN 55804

Fire Personnel:    


 First Responders
State Fire Wardens
Auxiliary Membership
Chief Kurt Rogers  
Lucille Campbell
Brendon Andersen
Jason & Diane Brickley  
President Maureen Ulvi
Asst. Chief Gary Campbell JoAnn Pufahl
Jess Anderson
JoAnn Pufahl
Vice-President Jodi Sunde
Kurt Rogers
Steven Balaich Kurt Rogers
Secretary Shelly Schwartz
Vice-President Lucille Campbell
Scott Olson
Jeremy Baldwin Dale & Margaret Rogers
Treasurer Margaret Rogers
Secretary  William Symons
Terry Wiens
Jason Brickley   Diane Brickley
Treasurer JoAnn Pufahl
Ethan Wolf
Gary Campbell   Mary McCorsin
 Fire Marshall

Gary Campbell, Jr.   Merle Abernethy
Jim Vos  

Gavin Campbell   Jessica Anderson
 Training Coordinators

Lucille Campbell    
Brandon Anderson, Training Chief
David Gilbertson    
Gary Campbell, Jr, Training Chief
Thomas Hanna    
 Safety Officers
  Lance Johnson    
Lance Johnson
  Kyle Ledin     
Chad Zubke
  Scott Olson    
    JoAnn Pufahl
 Captains   Kurt Rogers
Scott Olson  
Emily Thompson

  Logan Saline    
Ethan Wolfe   Eric Sunde
  William Symons    
Ethan Wolfe   Jim Vos     
Lance Johnson    Rick Willemarck
    Ethan Wolfe    
  Chad Zubke  

The Fire Department hosted a boy scout troop in October 2014 for some hands on training at the fire hall station 1.  The pictures below are of that event.

Photo     Photo      Photo

Photo       Photo        Photo        Photo

Photo         Photo         Photo

Zoning Administration
Shona Phipps
Office Hours
Monday Evenings: 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Email: or call the office
    (218) 525-4991 (office)