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Started by a couple of fishing buddies, the Lakewood Master Bassers or (LMB) was designed for the “basser on a budget”. They realized that there are a lot of bass anglers who can’t afford big bass boats, but would still like to compete in tournaments. The LMB made tournament fishing possible for the “basser on a budget” by starting a club exclusively for jon boats with livewells and powered with nothing more than electric motors. The LMB offer the average bass angler the opportunity to join a club of like-minded bass anglers and to participate in a friendly atmosphere of competition, learning and sharing of information. 

 Besides going over club business at the meetings, the LMB try to make it fun and informative as well. Members will sometimes give demonstrations on techniques, lure selections, and line choice, etc or just general bass fishing info and bass talk. Please email us at TheLMBClub@Gmail.com 
for meeting information 

The LMB will have 7 tournaments each year. Tournaments will be held in Pierce & Thurston County. They will be 2 members per boat team tournaments. Along with “big fish” cash prizes, there will be trophies awarded to tournament winners. Although the tournaments are competitions, the LMB like to be considered as an entry level or teaching club and not to be so competitive. This doesn’t mean that members are inexperienced or beginners, this means the LMB members will share their expertise with other members and like to see each other have fun and gain knowledge and skill. The LMB treat all members with respect and consider all members as friends.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions or comments, please email us at 

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