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LakeWater Design and Image Whisperer Graphics are Professional Services and Advertising Consulting Partnership originally located in Pensacola, Florida and now with a studio in Destin, Florida. We have been in the business over 25 years as a graphic artist, independent agent and inside employee of the printing and promotional industry. Image Whisperer was recently created as an addition to our company LakeWater Design which owns an online Fine Living Magazine known as www.lakewaternews.com and www.LakeWaterMagazine.com. We are also a member and Developer of CoastalAware.com with InfoDepot Distribution. We work with clientele throughout the south providing consulting, graphic arts services, advertising materials, and general company branding services. As a member of ASI Promotions, added value is provided for our clients promotional needs. Our online presence in the Tourism Industry with Coastal Aware adds value to those who may need the added touch of a professional creative team for their vacation clients. We also extend information to the public about Entertainment and Fine Living on Coastal Regions, plus Internal Lakes. Join in our Websites, Social Marketing and Facebook presence to get all the information and tools you need for success! We look forward to seeing you! Join US! Thank You, Barbara*