We have amazing creative graphic and dimensional skills in multiple areas of Photography, Graphic Design, Creative LifeStyle, Coaching, Social Media, Websites and more! Browse Our Site to see samples of our design work for clients and some areas of our own art for your home décor. Join Our Site to keep in touch with the many features we provide. Let us know if you need our creative services and products. Where might we be able to help you!
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We have amazing creative graphic and dimensional skills in multiple areas of Photography, Creative LifeStyle, Coaching, Social Media, Graphic Design, Web and more! Let us know if you are happy with your current creative state or if you need our creative services, coaching, products. Where might we be able to help with your Home or Business Today!


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Our Portfolio is Strong, Our Experience is wide. We Have a Passion for New and Unique Design Ideas. State of the Art Performance of your media is paramount! Our interest is in helping you and your team excel to their fullest potential, "Your Best Image" will reach those who will appreciate You ...

Your Style, Your Gifts and Your Service Skills! No Matter What Your Project Goals are, We provide the Needed Professional Touch! B*


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Give customers a reason to do business with you ... create the space of your dreams for a significant life ... or start a new and exciting project for the betterment of the planet! What ever your Truly 'Best' Images, Thoughts and LifeStyle Changes are... start with You ... Always put 'Your Best' Forward in Your Home, Your Business and Your Life! You are the Big Deal... Make It So! Thank You, Barbara*



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Website Design 
& Graphic Arts Design
Pinterest, FaceBook, InstaGram
Online Shopping, Coastal News

Beautiful Designs by Barbara* at LakeWater Design are 
getting noticed and reaping great returns for businesses! 
Logos, Web Sites, Social Media Sites 
are a very potent marketing tool for business. 
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Barbara's Attic Events Starting in March 2018!
Special open sales events will be announced soon for estate sale type openings of our warehouse for the holiday months. Watch our Facebook page for updates and events news :

email us at lakewaterdesign@gmail.com
Thank you, Barbara*

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