Sept 2016
Speaking • Listening • Thinking
 Meeting time: Every Thursday 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. sharp
Meeting Locating: 3100 Summit St. in Oakland in Summit hospital.

Do you want to give better presentations? Lead more effectively? Expand your social network and fill it with friends that are dedicated to self improvement?  Lakeview Toastmasters in Oakland will support you.

Nothing is more critical to success than good communication skills. Practice and get invaluable feedback that will enhance your interpersonal, intrapersonal, public speaking and leadership skills. Build your confidence in a supportive environment doing something that many people fear more than death (talking in front of other people). 

A diverse friendly club of early birds.

The spirit of Oranamamu continues to thrive. "Be yourself!"

We have fun contests each year that help to build confidence.

Practice your storytelling skills and extemporaneous speaking.

Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), Craig Harrison provides the
Word of the Day.

Table Topics is Full of Surprises.
Table Topics -- extemporaneous speaking -- is full of surprises!

Get video taped for even better feedback.

We hope that you will be our guest at one of our future meetings.
Lakeview Toastmasters of Oakland is a mature club with 3 ATM-S members, a DTM and has previously won the highest recognition of success in 2008: The President's Distinguished Club Award. 

Visit as many times as you want for free.  Semi-annual dues for members are only $58! 

About the Toastmasters Communication and Leadership Program

The Toastmaster's Communication and Leadership (C&L) program is proven through 80 years of refinement in use with millions of members worldwide. If you choose to join & complete the C&L program, you will develop these skills to further your professional and personal development:

Speaking Skills
        •  write and give good speeches
            •  persuade, influence and motivate others
                •  speak 'off-the-cuff' and answer questions 'on-the-fly'
                    •  use humor in speeches and improve storytelling skills

Leadership Skills
        •  facilitate meetings
            •  develop teamwork skills
                •  give balanced & constructive feedback
                    •  gain valuable insights from informative & fascinating speeches

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Michelle Krespi and Linda Dean bring back 2nd Place (Bling)
from the Speech Contest in April 2015

Some members want to be on the Fast Track for speaking.  Here is a 
group from our May 2015 Speech A Thon.

Lakeview Toastmaster Club is celebrating 55 years as a club.
Lakeview Open House 9-26-15 was very inclusive. Rockridge, Oakland 88, past members and guest had a fantastic time. Jason in the middle was visiting from Hawaii.

We're a friendly bunch.  After our meeting we meet for coffee and sweet things in Uptown Oakland.  Gossip, family pics and hot news are shared for sure.
We're a friendly bunch.  Join us at the meeting after-party where we imbibe caffeine and partake in sweet pastries.  This is where gossip, family pics and hot news is sure to be bandied about.

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