2018 Clean Up
June 11th to June 15th

Woodside is providing curbside pick up for Laketown residents (excluding Queensway @ Coachlight who are annexed City).

If you would like to participate, please have your items on your curb by 
8am Monday, June 11th.

It will take several days for Woodside to cover the entire subdivision.
If weather prevents Woodside from finishing on these dates then pick up will continue the following week.

Rules and regulations:
1. Place all items at the edge of your curb
2. Items must be ready for pick up by 8am Monday, June 5
3. Articles should be a maximum 10x10 area
4. Remove all appliance doors
5. No tires
6. No electronics, TV’s, stereos, etc.
7. Place small items such as tools, nuts, bolts, etc. in a stable container.
8. Make sure all items are reduced to a handling size.
9. Only one pick up per residence

Thank you to all residents who help cleanup their neighborhood!