1. Introduction


 I started writing this book while a member of the Lismore Writers Group. They offered to support me if I expanded on a previous short story about Lake Tooliorook.

The Group eventually faded, so continuing on my own I discovered lots of interesting facts and decided to include more about the local area in my "Book". Slowly, like a jigsaw puzzle it all started coming together, sort of....

I've riffled through all sorts of mediums, on and off, for about 8 years now. I've also chatted to locals, even the ones who “know nothing”, and it's been great fun. But in the end you can only work with what you've got. Knowing I'd never be bothered with the hassles of printing a book, I've decided to share my findings, free, with those who created the history in the first place. Hopefully you'll find something you didn't even know.

"Lake Tooliorook and Its Surrounds" will be available via the Lismore  website  where I intend to release each chapter periodically. I'll endeavour to present these chapters to the best of my capabilities but it will be in a more easy to read, casual format than a professionally published book. I'm only an amateur writer so if I don't cross all the T,s or dot all the I's then so be it. This way may also enable me to use some of the coloured photos, newspaper stories or endless other bits and pieces I have.

Readers may even have new memories or stories you wish to share and this can be done by contacting myself directly or through www.lismore.vic.au. Names of the supplier are required but aren't needed for printing purposes, unless otherwise requested. However, I can't print names/photos without permission from the actually persons themselves, although I can partially distort some images.

        Thanks must go to: all those named within the pages of these chapters. The families who allowed me to invade their homes for weeks on end, and those who told me their stories. My apologies to you all that your stories are going to be in book form. Dorothy Nicol for her constant encouragement, Judith Sarto, and Nova Hinchcliff for the same. Clive Bustard for his patience and Chris Lang for helping me get this onto the internet. Former members of the Lismore Writers Group, Geoff Smith & the Corangamite Shire. Apologies if I have missed anyone.

      My biggest “Thank you” must go to my family, but mostly to my husband, Colin, who has not only been my supporter, assistant editor, financier, maid, cook and chauffeur but a constant form of encouragement during this long haul.

      I will consider creating a simple manuscript after the last chapter is released, to be distributed in the local area. I hope that anyone wanting to read this will have access to a computer, whether it be their own, a friends, family member or at the public library. Those who wish to read a hard copy can do so in several ways. A hard copy of each chapter will be available at the Lismore Post Office, where its available for photocopying at a small cost, if required. It will also be available permanently at the Derrinallum Library where it can be read (or photocopied for a small fee,), the Derrinallum History Rooms and the waiting room of the Lismore Health Centre.   

      These stories are dedicated to past and present members of the Lismore Angling Club who have worked tirelessly to transform a vacant block of land into the tourist attraction it is today, to John Brown, J.L Currie and other pioneers who laid the district's foundations and to all who volunteered their time in any way, to make Lake Tooliorook and its surrounding districts into the wonderful places they are today.

  Permission has been gained for the use of names and photos within these stories however where questionable some alterations have been made to protect the supplier, while other facts have been supported with their references. If any details are incorrect, need alteration or are not supported by a reference I will consider changing them.

      Disclaimer: All care has been taken to ensure the information in these stories is as true and accurate as possible. I disclaim any liability for any misrepresentation or false stories supplied by others in either verbal, written or any other form. Attention is drawn to the fact that these stories, for the most, have been written during the early 2000 drought or earlier, photos included, therefore may differ from that of today.


Lorraine Graham, Editor.