INTRINSIC - SNOW.   Early snow storm brought SNOW SPIRIT early to the Sierra's -- energy of winter to the green, green fir trees and the Aspens still to be shiny yellow.  SNOW - Being -- tell  me...Swirling around and blowing through to sharpen the sky, the trees, the mountain rocks.  Ready for the powder, textures, light, chill and clear, crisp cold... moving over the Lake with fury -- enveloping all around and blurring the edges of all the surroundings.  Moving like a giant yet the tiniest of flakes with the most delicate and intricate detail.  Quiet... gentle flakes  softly falling in the air...blowing in every direction, and yet with the power to close roads, move ice, make man stay indoors, build fires, create heat, staying warm and cozy.  Joining with each other.. games, joy, warm food, a chance for respite into the stillness of the fury outside.   While all around there is motion, swirling, falling, soft, hard, sharp, dull, grey, golds, silvers, whitest whites, blackest black, and movement blanketing the green earth..trees, rocks, soil, and man-made houses, roads, dwellings, -- stopping trucks, closing bridges, ....and making people laugh, play, join, and discover the 'new'... the delicate -- the intricate -- the intrinsic.   October 2011.