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Elemental Paintings are inspired by the Lake Tahoe area as well as the Lake Tahoe pure waters being used in every painting. Here is a magical bowl of reflective light nestled in the high altitude of the Sierra Mountain Range -- which is now preserved as 'The Jewel of the Sierra's' (2010).  The unique clarity of the deep azure blue and aqua waters, purity of the high altitude mountain air that sparkles in the sun,  veins of silver and gold travel in the geology of the rocks, surrounded by the greenery of the tall pines, aspens and cedars, and secret meadows of colorful wild flowers.  This  'National Treasure' is, surely, one of the most luminescent, mystical and vibrant places on Earth.   

Coming soon to this collection of Elemental Paintings, are to be photographs of the incredible vistas and lake views.

For more information and gallery opportunities, please contact me at LakeTahoeIAm@gmail.com

Ignite your genius, envision your greatness,  and share with us your unique gifts, talent, and sight!  Our time together is brief here.

Sarah Horton
Artist, adventurer and explorer.

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