Lake Superior Zendo

    Aurora Dharma Temple

        Ten Thousand Springs Mountain 

2222 Longyear Avenue

Marquette, Michigan  49855




        Lake Superior Zendo is organized as a Soto Zen Buddhist Temple, in the lineage of Dainin Katagiri, and our purpose is to support, encourage, and facilitate the practice of Soto Zen Buddhism in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  The Temple’s spiritual, charitable, and educational activities are offered to support our mission of enabling all beings to awaken to their true nature.  It is Lake Superior Zendo’s further intent that Temple affairs and activities be conducted in a spirit of peace and harmony in order to benefit all beings throughout space and time.  To these ends, we maintain a daily schedule of zazen (meditation), chanting services, and periodic sesshins (intensive meditation retreats).  We also offer outreach activities at Northern Michigan University through a student group, Presque Isle Zen Community, and we participate in a variety of interfaith and environmental activities. 

        Lake Superior Zendo was founded in 1990 by Rev. Tesshin Paul Lehmberg, then a lay practitioner.  He has since been ordained and received dharma transmission--authority to teach independently--from his teacher, Rev. Shoken Winecoff, Abbot of Ryumonji Zen Monastery, in Dorchester, Iowa.  Lake Superior Zendo maintains an informal relationship with Ryumonji. 

        For many years we sat in member homes, and in 2002 we bought our present property, a small farm house in north Marquette, two blocks from Lake Superior.  


 All are invited to join us. After receiving zazen instruction, which includes an orientation to the Zendo, you are welcome to participate in any portion of any day’s activities. The instruction and orientation take less than an hour, and are offered by appointment.

We’ll have a special service this Sunday—Buddha’s Birthday!  Kids most definitely welcome—come and offer sweets and tea to the baby Buddha and bathe his image with warm water.



Practice Schedule for Week of 3.30.15





6:45 am                       Zazen

7:25                             Short Morning Service


6:30 pm                      Zazen



6:45 am                       Zazen

7:25                             Short Morning Service


6:45  pm                     Quick refresher on Zazen & Zendo etiquette

7:00                             Zazen



6:45  am                      Zazen

7:25                             Short Morning Service



6:45  am                      Zazen

7:25                             Short Morning Service


6:00 pm                      Zazen Instruction (by appointment)

6:30  pm                     Zazen



8:10 am                       Zazen

8:50                             Kinhin

9:00                             Zazen

10:00                           Morning Service

10:30                           Coffee/Tea



9:00 am                       Zazen

9:40                             Special Morning Service – Buddha’s Birthday

10:30                           Coffee/Tea



                                                U P C O M I N G
Sunday, April 19                                         Board Meeting

May 21 - 24                                                  Spring Retreat  (place to be determined)

August 9                                      Board Meeting
Saturday, September 12                                Women’s Retreat

Sunday, November 8                                 Board Meeting
Sunday, February 7, 2016          Board Meeting