The Final Plan

The following is a draft copy of the NORTH END section of the garden. The plant numbers refer to numbers on the plant list which is found below. Draft copies of other sections follow. 

There are two Little Bluestem plants to the lower right of the Rough Blazingstar, and two to the lower left.
The Prairie Cinquefoil is slightly to the left of its position marked above.

A revised drawing of the plants will be forthcoming.
There are 3 Prairie Dropseeds below the Blackeyed Susan and Butterfly Weed.
There are 4 Wild White Indigo Plants.

A DRAFT Copy of the garden Layout. Check back for the final version.

Information about Plants Used in the Garden:

Description of Plants.docx

The Original Plan

The proposed shape of the garden plot was suggested by Commonwealth Landscaping of Fond du Lac to make the garden more visually appealing; they suggested several of the plants that will be used in the garden, and they also recommend placing two granite boulders in the front of the garden.

 Important Steps and Considerations for the Lakeside West Garden Plot        

                                of KETTLE MORAINE LANDSCAPING

C. Ramthun Proposal