A Native Plant Demonstration Garden

Why use native plants?

Use native plants to increase water infiltration and decrease

time- consuming maintenance.

Lakeside Park West Native Plant Garden

The City of Fond du Lac made a 120 foot strip along the Fond du Lac River available for a demonstration garden.  The purpose of the garden is to show the public various native shrubs, grasses and flowers that can be used in their yards.  Native plants have deep root systems that filter water that recharges our aquifers or enters our streams and Lake Winnebago. Also, native plants provide valuable habitat for birds and butterflies and are easy to maintain once they are established. An additional important purpose in Lakeside Park West is to keep invasive species out of the area.

The planting took place on the morning of Saturday, June 14th. Connie Ramthun of Kettle Moraine Landscaping supervised volunteers. Some preparatory work had previously been completed. In 2012 volunteers cut invasive Japanese Knotweed and the City mulched much of the garden area.  Work to be done before planting included cutting about 400 square feet of sod, putting in edging to keep grass out, and raking existing mulch onto tarps for use after planting. The plants will need to be watered until they get established. The City has placed water barrels near the garden.

The project, which was initiated by the Lake Winnebago Quality Improvement Association of FdL County, is a cooperative effort of LWQIA, the Lake Winnebago Clean Waters Project and Gottfried Arboretum and Prairie.

Volunteer and make your contribution to cleaner water.  For more information or to volunteer call 979-4596

The graphic below shows the difference between native plants and turf: