Polish Chickens
Our Polish chickens are raised  here for exhibition. We have cut back on our large fowl varieties to only the WCB (White Crested Black). Since the bantams take up less room and eat less food we have more varieties of them and are just starting to raise Cuckoo. We sell a limited amount of show quality birds for sale, but in summer we sell some  that won't make to champion row as pets.They make a great show in the yard running around so if you are looking for an unusual bird to have in barnyard consider the Polish breed. They lay  white eggs, and are considered non setters although we have from time to time had some go broody and set and hatch a clutch of eggs. These Hens raise the chicks and are excellent mothers,but if one ever hatches some out for you, keep them confined, because of their limited eye sight they have a hard time keeping tabs on the chicks.

                                                         This is a large fowl WCB cock bird

 Bantam White bearded hen                                                                                                          

                                                            Bantam WC Cuckoo Polish(frizzle)

Bantam Buff Hen and Cock bird

                             Both Frizzles





These are a few of the white polish that I tie dye every year for the New York State Fair

These birds molt these feathers out and are usually totally white again by the time of the fair 

Please note

The birds were not harmed by this

The dye is on the feathers only