About LRNA

The Lake Rosseau North Association is a non-profit organization that was established in 1982 to represent the interests of property owners in the North Lake Rosseau and surrounding areas, with a focus on waterfront properties. It’s original stated objectives were as follows:

To promote sound use, environmental and taxation policies on the part of federal, provincial and municipal governments and politicians; to promote the implementation of such policies for land fronting or extending from the shoreline of the northern part of Lake Rosseau being that portion north of Skeleton Bay on the east side, and the southerly boundary of Seguin Township on the west, and surrounding areas and lakes therein.

Much has changed in the intervening 28 years, and LRNA is now in the process of developing a new “mission statement” intended to reflect its current role in today’s environment.

LRNA currently represents the interests of approximately 188 families.  The majority of members own Lake Rosseau waterfront properties that fall within Seguin Township.  However, the membership includes others with similar interests, including Lake Rosseau property owners from Township of Muskoka Lakes, waterfront property owners on other lakes within Seguin, and non-waterfront property owners who recognize the importance of the lakes to the region’s unique beauty and economic vitality.