The Lake Oswego Pickleball Club (LOPC) welcomes you!

Join us at George Rogers Park for outdoor play; see the play calendar for the schedule.

New to pickleball? Great! We are happy to get you started! Loaner paddles are available and Club members are eager to show beginners how to play.

LOPC works in partnership with Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation (LOPR) to provide pickleball venues, both outdoors with six courts at George Rogers Park and indoors if possible. The former Palisades location where we were fortunate to have indoor play over the past three years is no longer available to the LO Parks & Recreation. Staff members are searching for alternatives on the Club's behalf.

Join the LOPC today - your annual membership fee helps to pay for pickleball nets, balls, loaner paddles and other expenses necessary to operate this volunteer-run club!

The LOPC is fortunate to have committed, fun-spirited and thoughtful volunteers and players.
Players joined in to wish our most senior player, George, a happy 97th birthday!


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