Q: Wiffleball ?

Yes. Wiffleball.

Q: What is Wiffleball ?

Wiffleball is a glorious game and the roots of our organization.  It is a variation of the sport of baseball designed for play in confined areas.  The game is played using a perforated, light-weight plastic ball and a long, plastic yellow bat.  Rules can vary.  For example, Lake Orion Wiffleball Association's field (Vanden Boom Field) has an unorthodox setup and obstacles so a lot of different rules had to be developed to govern gameplay.  That is what makes Wiffleball great though, as long as you have a couple friends, you can play wiffleball virtually anywhere!

Q: What does Wiffleball have to do with veterans ?

When L.O.W.A. decided to turn our tournament weekend into a fundraiser, we elected to focus our efforts on supporting our military veterans.  Although there are many great causes out there, we think there is none greater than honoring and supporting the men and women who have served and sacrificed for our country.