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Welcome to our Virtual Learning Commons!  We hope you will check this page often to learn about the great things going on, here at LMES.
Our Mission Statement:
We are committed to providing our students and teachers with the skills and resources that would enable them to connect to literacy and the digital world through exploration, collaboration, and creativity.
Upcoming Special Events in the Learning Commons....

Thursday, April 28th  -  Sean Poppy from Savannah River Ecology Lab  -  Gr. 2 & 4

Friday, May 6th  -  S.C. Author, Lynn Floyd Wright  -  Grades 3-5

May 10 - 13  -  Treehouse Book Fair  -  All Grades  
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What's Happening in the
Learning Commons?
Grade 5:  How to Make an 'A' and Still Have Time to Play!
We learned the 7 steps to good study habits.
1) Have a "Can Do" Attitude  2) Form Partnerships With Your Teachers   3) Have a Study Place  
4) Have a Study Routine  5)  Be an Active Listener  6) Read With a Purpose   7) Take Great Notes
Grade 4:  Weather Research
We learned about storms by doing research on tornadoes, hurricanes, and such.  We explored both print and digital sources of information to create our own weather reports.  We will use the digital design lab to produce on-screen weather forecasts.  
 Grade 3:  S.C. Travel Destinations Research
All 3rd grade classes are researching South Carolina travel destinations.  Each student chose from a list of historical locations, parks, beaches, etc. and created a travel brochure or postcard of that location on their iPads.  These will be printed out for display during Leadership Day!  Watch for some great examples to show up on our website soon!

 Grade 2:  Behold the Octopus!
Second grade students learned how to research their favorite animals from Riverbanks Zoo.  Mrs. Puryear and Mrs. Rawl co-taught a lesson modeling how good researchers gather information from a variety of sources.  Note-taking was an important component of this lesson.  Students used their notes and knowledge to create, then present, Pic Collages on their iPads.  (See some samples below from last year!)
Grade 1:  How to Find a Book in the Learning Commons
First grade students are learning how to locate their favorite books.  They are learning that fiction books are shelved alphabetically by the author's last name and nonfiction books are in order by subject.  They are also learning the importance of using a shelf marker to hold their place on the shelf.
Kindergarten:  Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!!!
We are studying about insects.  We will hear some great insect stories during storytime with Mrs. Puryear.  Mrs. Puryear and Mrs. Rawl will be helping us record our paper-slide videos based on our research of some favorite insects, including beetles, ladybugs, butterflies, roaches, bees, and many others.

Click here to visit STORYLINE ONLINE a wonderful storytelling website!
Who Will Get Caught Reading this Year?
Lake Murray Mariners who get caught reading will be rewarded with Spiderman stickers.  They will be recording their reading goals throughout the school year in their Leadership Notebooks.  As their goals are met, they will also earn stickers with their names on them for the Spiderman bulletin board, which is located on the blue hall near the Learning Commons.  

  June 3rd is LMES Night at the Blowfish Baseball Field
Our school is participating again this year in the Blowfish Baseball Reading Rewards Program.  Students will be challenged to read 4 grade-appropriate books during the month of March.  They will list the titles on their Blowfish Reading Log and bring it to the Learning Commons.  In return, they will be awarded 2 free admission tickets, a free hotdog, and drink at the June 3rd Blowfish baseball game.  They will also be invited to march across the field with Blowie the mascot.  In addition, our school could win up to $500, which would be used to purchase new library books!  Our goal is 100% participation!  
Good Luck, Readers!!!


Learn more about Digital Citizenship by following these links:
Check out these PicCollages created by our 2nd grade researchers.

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Mrs. Puryear, Mrs. Rawl, and Mrs. Buchanan

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