Race Committee Duty

Lake Mohawk Skippers & Crew,

The  2019 racing season is fast upon us and it we are hoping for a great year for sailing.  

Please note the attached 2019 LMYC Racing Schedule and RC assignments for the impending season.   I have endeavored to respect scheduling conflicts that have been communicated to me prior to compiling the schedule.    Please review the schedule and if there are any major conflicts that preclude your availability on the assigned date, please attempt to arrange an exchange with another skipper and communicate any changes to me either in writing , or by voicemail.   If unsuccessful in arranging an exchange, or if there is a definitive reason that you cannot perform your RC duty on the prescribed dates, please communicate same to me at the earliest opportunity.

On behalf of LMYC, I thank you all, in advance, for your commitment and support to our club in contributing to a successful 2019 LMYC racing season.  

Fair weather, favorable winds and the best of luck this year.

Race Committee Chair: Gail Miner (973.729.5283, cell 973.222.5222)

Please refer to the Duty Roster posted on the bulletin board for the latest version of this schedule.

See Racing Instructions and Racing Instructions - Signals for details of the duties of the Race Committee 
and how races are to be conducted

                            SPRING SERIES

DATES                     RACE OFFICIALS                                            EVENT

May 19                   H. Jelinek

May 26                   P. Anderson

Jun 02                     J. Miller                                                           Gabor Cup Regatta   (Lightning Fleet)

Jun 09                     D. Okner

Jun 16                     C. Gill

Jun 23                     R. Miner

Jun 30                     J. Fleming

Jul 07                      M. Marussich                                                 Marine Base Regatta   (Snipe Fleet)

Jul 14                      T. Mackey

Jul 21                      TBA or R. Miner

Jul 28                      K. Hauck

                            FALL SERIES

DATES                     RACE OFFICIALS                                            EVENT

Aug 04                    C. Gill 

Aug 11                    P. Anderson

Aug 18                    T. Mackey

Aug 25                    R. Miner

Sep 01                    J. Miller                                                           Commodore's Cup   (Sunfish Fleet)

Sep 08                    M. Marussich

Sep 15                    H. Jelinek

Sep 22                    J. Fleming

Sep 29                    K. Hauck

Oct 06                    D. Okner

Oct 13                    TBA or R. Miner

The Race Officials duties include:

  • Consult with the Race Committee on the proper course(s) for the day.
  • Setting the course buoys in time for a 1:00 pm start, and start on time.
  • Hold Skipper's Meeting, as required, to explain course(s) for the day.
  • Conduct the races according to ISAF regulations, except where amended by LMYC rules.
  • Score each contestant and record results in Race Committee Book.
  • Chair the committee to resolve any protest after the races.
  • Return equipment to storage areas, refueling and covering the RC Boat.
  • Remove garbage, cleaning up, securing hoists and locking up.

  • Race officials, from days when racing is canceled, will be reassigned as needed.
  • All schedule changes must be cleared with the RC Chair, Gail Miner(973.729.5283, cell 973.222.5222)
  • Racing starts promptly at 1:00 pm unless official postponements are necessary.
  • Regattas are sailed during regular racing but scored separately.
  • The Race Committee is composed of the RC Chair and the Fleet Captains.