Use of Club Boats

posted Jul 28, 2008, 2:36 PM by John Incantalupo
Effective Immediately

For your personal safety and in order to properly maintain the club owned Sunfish and Snipe class club-owned boats, the Lake Mohawk Yacht Club has established the following procedures which MUST be followed by all members who choose to use a club-owned boat:

1) Only LMYC members may use club-owned boats
  • Guests may not “skipper” a club boat

2) A member MUST first be “qualified” to use a club-owned boat
  • To be “qualified” a member must be tested in rigging and handling of the particular class boat
  • Contact the appropriate Fleet Captain to arrange to be tested prior to using a club-owned boat
  • Members who use a club-owned boat prior to becoming “qualified” for that class of boat will lose their privileges to use any club-owned boat

3) A “Check-Out/Check-In” log will be posted in the buoy room for use of any club-owned boats
  • Members using a club-owned boat MUST enter the user’s name, date, check-out time, check-in time and any damage or problem on the log

4) Any damage to or problem with a club-owned boat MUST be reported immediately to the appropriate Fleet Captain or Commodore
  • Members using club-owned boats are responsible for any damage to the boat or any other property or person caused by carelessness, misuse or abuse of a club-owned boat
  • Problems with club-owned boats due to ordinary wear and tear are not the responsibility of the user but must be reported so that repairs can be made and the boats properly maintained

We trust that all members will strictly adhere to the above, simple rules so that we can continue to offer the use of club-owned boats. Thank you for your cooperation.