Upper Floor

Lake view from upper floor

You'll probably have your primary guests stay in the Guest Suite on the Main Floor, but the other guests will love their haven on the Upper Floor.

  • Each bedroom features vaulted ceilings and dormers.

  • The entire floor is carpeted with light beige carpet, with the exception of the two bathrooms, which have tile as well as carpet.

  • The hall linen closet also provides access to the dumbwaiter.  This is such a great help to transport suitcases.

  • There is additional full door walk-in attic storage at the east bathroom.  Also, the center bedroom has a pull-down ladder for additional storage in the upper attic.

  • The Center Bedroom can also be used as a bonus room or office.

  • The entire upper floor can be closed off because it has a weather sealed door and separate HVAC unit.
Upper Floor Hall

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