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Enjoy a Isola Bella sightseeing tour guided by a professional local private guide. This tour is available for ready-made groups, families, couples, individuals.
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Isola Bella is the most fabulous Borromeo island located in the Stresa - Borromean Gulf and if, for any reason, you can only visit one island, isola Bella is absolutely a must-see.
It houses amazing gardens in Italian style whose construction started in 1630. Once in the gardens,  you will be welcomed by a striking structure, the amphitheatre, which consists of a spectacular pyramid all adorned with flowers, niches, statues, fountains and is dominated by the Borromeo family's most important heraldic symbol, the unicorn. The pyramid-like structure hides ten beautiful terraces, one above the other, that look towards Stresa and its Grand Hotels.
The Borromeo palace dating back to the 17th century surprises travellers with its astonishing richness: fine period furniture, remarquable paintings, magnificent tapestries and the stunning Grottoes all decorated with volcanic stones and pebbles.
The island's tiny village is really picturesque with only 15 inhabitants all the year round!

We will sail towards Isola Bella Borromeo from Stresa, Baveno or Verbania. Walking through the richly decorated rooms of the Borromeo Palace you will be able to learn about the family's story, the works of art, the construction of the palace/castle and any curiosity you may have. Then we will enjoy a stroll in the spectacular gardens among exotic plants, flowers and peacocks.

This day tour on isola Bella is available every day from 23rd March until 21st October 2018
The rest of the year it is possible to tour the islands by boat visiting isola Bella and Fishermen's island without palaces and gardens
Group Tours: this is NOT a shared tour. Whether touring as a ready-made group, a family, an individual, a couple, or a small group of friends, this will be a private tour 
This guided tour can start in the morning or in the afternoon and lasts about  two hours / two and a half hours

We can use public transportation shared with others or private boats: Lake Maggiore Private Boat Tours 

Meeting point: your hotel lobby or landing stage in Stresa, Baveno, Verbania
Get a tailor-made itinerary.
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