Borromean Islands with Stresa local guide Michaela

Micaela will be happy to be your tour guide for lake Maggiore: Borromean islands, lake Orta and San Giulio, Villa Taranto gardens, the hermitage of Santa Caterina, Stresa, Arona....
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Visiting a place accompanied by a tour guide can add extra value to your trip.
There are many itineraries that are worth doing with a lake Maggiore tour guide.
You could be a big group, you could be a couple or a family or just a small group of friends: a tour guide is suitable for all visitors.
A guide can be booked for a half day or a full day and before booking a guided tour, she will be happy to send you an itinerary suggestions with all prices to be considered for the trip.
When you book a tour guide for the day, there is always a break for lunch when the guide leaves you on your own to enjoy some free time. Of course, if you wish to spend lunch with your guide, she will be happy to join you for some extra conversation!

Why a tour guide?
Because you will get the specific narration in a place, thus learning and understanding more about a sight.

A good tour guide should:
- be qualified / certified
- be knowledgeable
- be passionate about her job
- not be boring
- not be a teacher
- understand the travellers' needs and interests