Katonah Paranormal

Lake Lincolndale Clubhouse Investigation
June 24, 2012

Katonah Paranormal was thrilled to be back at the Lake Lincolndale clubhouse for a second investigation.  At our first investigation in April of 2011 we had gathered a good amount of evidence that pointed to the lake house being haunted by at least three spirits - A boy who had drowned in the lake, a man who had once been a soldier in the 1940's, and a man who died falling through the ice.  This time we were joined by 11 members of the public for a group ghost-hunt.   

The night opened up with a presentation by the Katonah Paranormal team that explained how a typical investigation is conducted, and a quick look at some of the "tools of the trade" such as EMF meters, digital recorders, cameras, thermometers, divining rods, and motion sensor devices.  Kathy, Karen and Barry also shared some of their precognitive impressions with the audience, much of which proved to be accurate.  

After the presentation the Katonah Paranormal team lead the group on a three-part ghost investigation of the lake house.  Part one involved asking participants to share any intuitive messages they might pick up on while walking around the building.  Part two was a photo session where everyone took photos and shared their findings with the group.  Part three was an EVP session where the group sat in a large circle and encouraged any spirits that might be present to come forward and contact us on our digital recorders. 

At the end of the night we encouraged the participants to send us their photos and any sound recordings they might have made that night. Please click on EVP and Photos on the left sidebar to access those pages.  

IMPORTANT:  To hear the EVP clips directly on the screen, click "EVP".  To download the files and listen to them on your computer, click "EVP Files".  Either method should work.  Please contact Barry at barrypirro@yahoo.com if you have questions about navigating the website.  Additional questions and comments?  Contact us at katonahparanormal@aol.com.