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Research and Genealogy

We do our best to answer all research questions.

The Hindenburg Disaster
Pine Tree Inn
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The Giberson Murder
The Torrey Family
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Lakehurst Historical Museum
300 Center St
Lakehurst, NJ 08733

Looking for Genealogy?

You need to know a little New Jersey history before looking for vital statistics.

  • The region was discovered September 2, 1609 by Henry Hudson.
  • “Lakehurst” area was a.k.a. Federal Forge then Federal Furnace then renamed Manchester Village in 1841. 
  • It was part of Monmouth County until five townships broke away in 1850. 
  • What we refer to today as Manchester Township was Dover Township (now known as the Township of Toms River)  until 1865.
  • Manchester became a township on April 6 1865 when William Torrey named it after the factory town in England. 
  • What we now know of as Lakehurst was called Manchester until 1897. 
  • All Manchester township political and governmental business was transacted in “Lakehurst”. 
  • The village boundaries incorporated into a Borough on April 7, 1921. 
Think of Manchester Township as the doughnut and the Borough of Lakehurst as the doughnut hole.

Births and Deaths
Birth and death records are kept in the area where the event actually took place.  If the person died in a hospital, you may be looking for vital records in Toms River, Brick, Lakewood or some other place.  The Borough of Lakehurst will  only have information for in-borough birth or deaths.

For example:  Someone could die in ___X___ town.  His / her Social Security was recorded (statements mailed to) as an address in a different town (or county) but was buried in a different state.

And -- don't forget that Postal Zip Codes and Addresses change.  Up until a few years ago, the eastern half of Manchester Township had the Postal address and Zip Code of Lakehurst.

Please call or email the governing offices for additional information.

New Jersey Vital Statistics - 
Getting Copies of Genealogical Records: Birth, Death, and Marriage

 since 1921
Borough of Lakehurst
Municipal Clerk
www.lakehurstnj.org/  732-657-4141
 1865 - 1921
Manchester Township Municipal Clerk
www.manchestertwp.com/clerk/index.htm 732-657-8121
 1850 - 1865
Registrar Of Vital Statistics  http://tomsrivertownship.com/index.php/Registrar-Of-Vital-Statistics/ 732-341-1000

The Monmouth County Archives does not hold birth or death records. You can contact either the the New Jersey State Archives for vital statistics records between May 1848 to May 1900 or the New Jersey State Department of Health, Trenton for records beginning in June 1878 to the present.