1) Why am I receiving an additional tax bill?

Funds had to be borrowed in order to pay for the required improvements to the dam’s spillway. Money collected from the tax being paid by Lake Holiday property owners will be used to repay the loan.

2) Why does the spillway need to be replaced?

The standard used by the State regulatory agency (The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation - Division of Dam Safety) to determine the volume of water that the spillway must be capable of handling was increased. In order to continue to operate the dam and maintain Lake Holiday, the spillway must be brought into compliance with the new standard.

3) How long with the project take?

The construction should be completed within 18 months of the start date. The project will not start before Labor Day of 2011.

4) What effect will the project have on the lake?

During the period of construction the lake level will be lowered 10 feet to enable work to be preformed on the spillway.

5) Will I be able to use my boat next summer?

The Lake Holiday Board of Directors will determine what type of boat traffic will be permitted during the construction period.

6) What will happen to the marina and private docks when the lake is lowered?

The Lake Holiday Board of Directors will decide what to do with the Lake Holiday marina. Individual property owners will need to make appropriate arrangements to secure their private docks during the construction period.