Welcome to Lake Hills Elementary Art Studio

Welcome to elementary art, where there is 
   always something colorful going on.  
   Students in Lake Hills art classes explore a    
   variety of concepts, including, but not limited 
   to: drawing, painting, textiles, ceramics,   
   sculpture, print making, mixed media and 
Your child has a lot of time and pride invested in their work.  Take a moment to celebrate these accomplishments.  Here are a few questions you could ask when they bring their work home:

What media did you use to make your project?
How did you make your art work?
What are two things that you learned?
How long did it take you to make it?
What is your favorite thing about your project?
Did you give your art work a title?  What is it?
Where should we display your work?

Third graders studied and created their interpretations of Japanese Koi.  Koi means carp in Japanese.  Their art works were made with the following medium: pencils, markers, chalk pastels, styrofoam and printing ink.

They signed their work with an individualized artist signature they made with traditional print-ma techniques.
Project was inspired by artolaziblogspot.

Fourth grade oil pastel sunshine: a study in color blending with analogous colors, as well as,
 creating highlights and shadows.