LFSC Sailing Fleets

Catamaran Fleet             C Scow Fleet               MC Scow Fleet                   Open Fleet

We currently have 4 different fleets at LFSC because one size doesn't fit all. They are Catamarans,
C Scows, MC Scows and an Open Fleet. Each fleet has its own start on 3 minute intervals with the faster boats followed by the slower boats. The Catamarans start 1st, C Scows 2nd, MC Scows 3rd, and the Open Fleet 4th. We sail 2 races back to back on Sundays and holidays at 11:00am and 1 race on Wednesday evening at 6:45pm. On Sundays and holidays the Catamarans and C Scows sail 2 lap races ( weather permitting ) and the MC Scows and Open Fleet sail 1 lap the 1st race and 2 laps the second race. This sequence allows plenty of time for picnicking, swimming, and the occasion of a graduation open house in the area.

Catamarans carry 1 to 2 crew, C Scows 2 and sometimes 3, MC Scows 1 and sometimes 2, Open fleet boats are 2 and 3. Our fleet races allow any boat to be single handed. Regattas require the number of crew prescribed by the class.

Each LFSC sailor would like you to sail their type of boat, but would like you to make the final decision for your boat.

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