LFSC Membership Information

Membership at Lake Fenton Sailing Club has many benefits. Members reap the benefits of immediate access to Lake Fenton for sailing, boat mooring, picnics, swimming.  Membership dues and other fees cover the basic costs associated with owning and maintaining the clubhouse property and grounds, but LFSC membership does require a certain amount of participation in running and maintaining the facilities. General maintenance and cleaning are provided by the members. The work provided by the membership keeps the annual dues and other fees at a level affordable to most families. 

LFSC Benefits:

  • Easy lake access 24/7 for sailing. (Sailboats only, small motors on sailboats are allowed)

  • Boat mooring in the summer and winter storage (mooring and storage fees apply)

  • Swimming – designated shallow area for children. Swimming is also allowed off the main docks. All swimming is at one’s own risk, no life guards are available.

  • Cookouts – grills available at club, propane provided, members can bring charcoal also.

  • Clubhouse usage – bathrooms and changing area, also upper hall can be rented for parties, etc.

  • Single membership covers immediate family through college (similar to insurance coverage)

  • High speed Internet connection, inside and outside.

  • Members can invite guests (extended family, non-family members) as long as the member is present accompanying the guests.

  • Special events – The Commodore’s Ball (party) and the invitational sailing regattas are open to all members for their enjoyment.

Membership requirements:

  • Stock purchase: LFSC is owned by our members, every new family membership is required to make a one-time purchase of a single share of stock.  The stock purchase is typically made in the 2nd year of membership after an introductory period.

  • Spring “Dock-In-Day”– all members participate in “Dock-In-Day” helping to put out the docks and boat hoists for the summer and to open and clean the clubhouse for the season. This also includes the Spring Membership Meeting. Dock-In-Day is typically one Saturday in April from 7:30 AM – 3:00 PM.
  • Fall “Dock-Out-Day” – all members participate in “Dock-Out-Day” helping take out the docks and boat hoists for the winter to close the sailing season. This also includes the Fall Membership Meeting. This is typically one Saturday in October from 7:30 AM – 3:00 PM.
  • Payment of associated boat mooring and equipment storage fees (billed in the spring or as appropriate when members change boats or acquire new equipment)
  • Payment of annual membership dues (billed in the spring and due at Dock-In-Day.
  • Participation in a “duty week” over the summer – helping run the sailboat races, cleanup of clubhouse, grass mowing, etc.


  • Who runs or owns the LFSC?

  • The membership (stock holders) basically owns the sailing club. The club is run via a 9 member Board of Directors (3 sets of stock holders on staggered 3 year terms). The Board of Directors is voted on at every Fall Membership Meeting.  Currently LFSC has 100 shares of stock, allowing up to 100 family memberships.

  • What types of memberships exist at LFSC? 
    LFSC is a family oriented club all memberships include  immediate  family members up to age 26, and also guests accompanied by a member.  Each share of stock includes one vote in membership decisions.   LFSC provides a first year no stock/non-voting membership; this allows new members to use the club before making the stock purchase. 

  • Are members required to purchase stock in the LFSC? 
    Yes, after the first  year introductory membership period. This is to promote ownership in the club which inherently causes members to take better care of the facility. Also the turnover of stock fees is used to pay out retired member stock. Stock shares for up to 100 members exists.

  • Can a member purchase more than one share of stock?
    No, one membership is one share, and provides a family membership as explained above. 

  • Does LFSC have payment plans?
    Not currently. The Board of Directors has some limited flexibility to work with members on an individual basis in extenuating times, and this is typically reserved for existing members in good standing or previously in good standing. As a rule members are to pay in full each year prior to club usage and refunds are not made with the exception of the stock (per FAQ #11). The LFSC is a small member only sailing organization not a bank, and therefore does not have the resources to track monthly payments.
  • Do LFSC members have to have a boat?
    No, members do not have to have a boat to belong to the LFSC. Membership dues and boat mooring fees are designated separately; one can pay the membership dues without being charged the mooring fee for a boat. However sailing and the promotion of small sailboat racing is the primary focus of the club, so most members join because they have boat or intend to purchase a boat.

  • Does LFSC rent boats?
    No, the LFSC does not rent boats. However the LFSC does have some small prams that may be borrowed by members for children. The LFSC does also currently have one Laser sailboat that can be borrowed by members. But as a general rule the LFSC does not have boats for rent, the boats at the LFSC are personally owned and cared for by members. 

  • What types of boats are allowed?
    Sailboats of all shapes and sizes are allowed, however due to the size and shallow depths in areas of Lake Fenton, keel boats are NOT recommended. No motor boats, only small motors on sailboats are permitted. The club promotes racing and has fleet racing for Catamarans, C-Scows, and MC-Scows. But any style boat may be sailed and/or raced in the “Open Fleet" under Portsmouth handicap racing rules for time correction.
  • What are options for mooring a boat at LFSC?
    Boats are either dry-sailed from a trailer via the launching ramp or the crane, or boats are dry-sailed via individually owned hoists (lifts) placed in the water. No boats are allowed to be tied to the docks for extended periods as the docks are not “anchored” to the bottom of the lake.
  • I don’t own a boat or know anything about racing, am I required to work? 
    Yes, new members and/or non-sailing members still help with the racing and docks. The primary focus of the club is the promotion of small sailboats and racing, and it takes a specific number of bodies to run the races. Members are encouraged to learn as they participate, so they are usually paired with more knowledgeable members for duty. And the duties include lawn mowing, trash removal, etc. which anyone can do. 

  • What if i'm going on vacation or can't make the designated work day(s)?
    Members with known schedule conflicts can arrange to swap duty weeks with other members. Arrangements to perform other work duties in lieu of Dock-In-Day or Dock-Out-Day can be made prior to the work days as needed. Also “substitutes” are desired and encouraged, if the primary member cannot attend a teenager from the family, or a neighbor, etc. can substitute to fulfill the duty requirement. Work days missed will result in additional though reasonable fines.

  • What happens if I leave the club for whatever reason?
    A member leaving the club submits a letter of resignation to the Board of Directors. At the time of resignation any boats or equipment on the club grounds belonging to the member must be removed from the club property. The member also must return the club key, and if the member is a stock holder the member’s name is placed on the stock “buyback” list and they will eventually receive a refund of the stock cost (excluding the transfer fee). The waiting time for stock buyback varies with the infusion of members coming versus the numbers leaving. Some members have been at LFSC nearly since the inception; others come and go within a few years due to various reasons. An exception to stock buyback is if a member is delinquent in annual dues or fees at or above the stock value, then the stock is forfeit to the club.

  • Is Lake Fenton a busy lake?
    Depends, on sunny days sometimes “yes”, on cloudy days “not so much”. Lake Fenton is a public lake and can be busy but not always. At the prescribed racing times generally speaking it is not overly busy, on peak holidays it can be very busy, but it is no worse or better than surrounding lakes. 
  • Is sailboat racing required?
    No, but it is promoted. The racing at LFSC is relatively low key (nothing like a major regatta or America’s Cup). The fleets tend to be small and most of the racers are novice. But the purpose of racing is to promote the ability to handle a sailboat boat well in various weather conditions, to promote the camaraderie of members within the fleets, as well as support sailboat racing around Michigan and the US or World. People learn to be better sailors and skippers when they sail with a purpose and direction (racing), and the LFSC seeks to provide a platform for the average person to learn and enjoy the age-old art of sailing. Many a skipper has claimed to be able to sail, and yet found themselves somewhat lost on the race course. The mild competitiveness and course requirements help sailors improve their skills and many members even enjoy traveling away from Lake Fenton to other clubs to participate in racing. Also (as odd as it sounds) having boats racing generally means they are paying attention to one another, versus a free-for-all which promotes more wrecks when sailors are not paying attention.

  • I have read all the info, been out to visit the club, and I think LFSC is the right place for our family, what is the next step?
    Simple, download and fill out the LFSC Membership Application and mail it in, the address is on the membership Application:

LFSC Membership Fees

For a Regular Membership (Family).

$450.00 - Stock Purchase (One Time)
$200.00 - Non-refundable stock transfer fee. (One Time)
$350.00 annual membership (dues).  (Annual Fee)

Introductory Membership:
$450.00 - first year privileges.  $100.00 will be applied toward a regular membership in the second year.

Junior Membership:
$300.00 per year for those 25 years old or younger.

Associate Membership:
$300.00 per year, no stock purchase required.
Associate Members may not moor a boat at LFSC.
Associate Members can sail a Regular Member's boat.
Associate Members subject to annual Board approval, maximum renewal of 5 years.

Annual Mooring Fees:  
Mooring fees are due when a members boat is brought on site, and are determined by boat length in the following:

First Boat:
$100.00 - boats < 15 ft. on deck.
$200.00 - boats => 15 ft. on deck.
$300.00 - cruising boats

Additional Craft:
$90.00 - boats < 15 ft. on deck.
$190.00 - boats => 15 ft. on deck.

Because dock space is limited, additional cruising boats may not be moored at the club.

Note:  Power boats may not be launched or moored at the club.