Like to try sailing?

Sailing - Most of you have seen the bumper sticker " I'd rather be Sailing ". That is why our members own a boat and belong to the club. In their spare or hobby time, they would rather be sailing.

Sailing is a unique experience each time you leave the dock. The wind direction, strength, waves, etc. are never the same. And it doesn't matter whether it is for a relaxing day sail or a few laps on the race course. Sailing is about recognizing  and adapting to ever changing conditions surrounding you and having fun while you are doing it. Day sailing is the more relaxing way to get from point A to point B. There is no defined way or time involved. One can go where the wind blows. But many people get the bug to race because they think they can get there in a shorter time and ahead of the other guy. 

Sailboat racing is what we promote at Lake Fenton Sailing Club. It is an organized way to spend Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings with Sunday afternoons free for picnics and just plain enjoying the lake. Plus shooting the breeze with friends. " I should have done this or I could have done that ". 

Most of the boats at LFSC require more than one person, hence the crew. The jobs on each boat vary with the number of sails and the size of the boat. The physical work is not excessive and is enjoyed by a very wide age group. The crew in the pictures below range from 12 to 76 years of age!
Bruce is teaching Tyler the ropes of the trapeze on his F-18 on one of our Open House Days

The MC Scow is usually sailed single handed. But when the wind pipes up its time to bring a crew on board for extra ballast. The crew is an extra pair of hands if needed.

A C Scow is normally sailed double handed. When the wind pipes up it is a good idea to be triple handed because of the boats large sail area.

 This set of pictures gives you an idea what sailing and crewing are like. The best way to really experience it is to "give Sailing a try". 

Emilia ( yellow ) and Pat ( blue ) crewing on Rebels sailing against the wind. Their primary jobs are to run the jib and help balance the boat with their weight.

The same is true "sailing off the wind" or what's called 
"down wind". Notice the skippers and the crew are both inside the boat and on opposite sides.

The Lightning is a triple handed boat with a main, jib, and a 300 sq ft spinnaker. Each person has a main set of jobs and when things get hectic, they overlap by who has the free hand.

A Lightning with its spinnaker full will give you " quite a ride"


The best way to find out " is sailing for me? "  is to come out to the Lake Fenton Sailing Club on a Wednesday about 5:30pm or a Sunday about 10:15am. Latch on to someone and tell them why your there. Whoever you latch on to will put you in touch with someone that can probably get you on a boat. And the first boat you try might not be the right boat. Try them all, just not necessarily on the same day. If its a nice day, ask the boats skipper if you can take the helm. Many skippers will offer it anyway.

If coming to the club unannounced isn't your thing, click the button below and we will make arrangements ASAP.