Lake Effect Miata Club was founded in July of 1995 in Northwest Indiana, and has been going strong ever since.  Members have come and gone but many of our members have been with the club for many years and enjoy participating in our many fun events and have created some very important friendships along the way.  A few of our events are the ‘Hump Day’ (Wednesday) dessert runs, once a month Friday tailgates, Breakfast scramblers during the colder months to stay in touch with each other, the Chili Cook-off,  Michigan City Sail, Rise & Shine, and the Post Tax Blues Rally with the Indy Miata club?  All these things, and more, await you in 2013.
If you are interested in joining, or just looking to renew your membership, click under Attachments at the bottom of one of the other pages on the site. We hope to seeing you all very soon.

The following, is a special request for a doctoral student researching female drivers. If you are a female Miata driver, please help this young lady with her research:

Female Driver Study

I was contacted by a Doctoral student at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.  The topic of her dissertation concerns women and their relationship to cars.  I contacted her major advisor, and this is indeed a legitimate study.  I've included her introduction to the project below.  If you are a female and you would like to participate, please contact Chris directly.  Her e-mail is included below:


My name is Chris Lezotte and I am currently a doctoral candidate in American Culture Studies at Bowling Green State University conducting research for my dissertation. The project focuses on women whose vehicle choices suggest they do not conform to prevailing assumptions regarding the “woman driver.” My goal is to uncover the voices and automotive experiences of women who use and relate to automobiles in a variety of interesting and sometimes unexpected ways.


As a Miata driver, I hope that you will consider contributing to this project. Participation will consist of a 30-minute interview conducted over the phone or via email at your convenience. To learn more about this project or set up an interview, contact me at clezott@bgsu.edu and I will provide further details as well as explain how your privacy will be protected. I look forward to hearing about your experiences driving and owning a Miata.


Thank you and happy driving!

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