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Benson Completes over 36 years of L.B.I.A. Leadership

posted Feb 22, 2018, 7:59 AM by ByllesbyAssociation
Dr. Earl Benson first joined the L.B.I.A. Board in 1982 under President Bill Cook.  He has been active in the lake association since that time serving as a Member, Board Member and Vice President.  He was elected President in April of 2012.  Earl has been a relentless advocate for Lake Byllesby at the township and county/state levels, and his active involvement in the L.B.I.A. has resulted in establishing and coordinating the L.B.I.A. website, rough fish seining efforts, the DNR biannual fish stocking program, fish structure installation, and coordinating the Cannon Falls Football Boosters dock/lift efforts.  His communication skills at the local level have produced over thirty five L.B.I.A. Sponsor Members who aid and financially support the L.B.I.A. Benson’s parent were charter members of the Lake Byllesby Improvement Association in 1968.  His Byllesby lakeshore residence has been in the family since the mid 1930’s when his mother's uncles, George and James Koci, maintained a boat rental business on the Northeast shores of the lake for over thirty years.  Although no longer a member of the L.B.I.A. Board of Directors, Benson will remain active as President of E.C. Benson & Associates, a worldwide musical products company he has owned since 1994.

Benson graduated from Cannon Falls High School in 1957 and earned his B.S. in Music Education, Master of Arts in Education, and P.hd in Education from the University of Minnesota.  After completing a thirty six year national/international career as a Music Educator, Earl and his wife Jan moved from Bloomington to Lake Byllesby in 2001.

Benson will remain a L.B.I.A. Member and Sponsor Member in 2018; however will retire from the L.B.I.A. Board on April 19th.