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Lincoln Youth Symphony

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Gala Dinner!

Gala Fundraiser Dinner February 21, 2009, 6:30 p.m.

Brigham City Community Senior Center, 24 North 300 West

Live Entertainment

Door Prizes

Donations Provided by Friends of the Symphonic Society and Local Area Businesses To Contribute an Item or Service, Please Contact Julie Gardner 435.723.8262

Catered Dutch Oven Dinner

Choice of Pork or Chicken, Potatoes, Glazed Carrots, Salad, Roll; Cobbler for Dessert


Tickets Available from Julie Gardner 435.723.8262

Groceries Anyone?!!!

Contact Valerie Neslen (435) 723-8603 for questios or to order your certificates today.  39 E 1500 S, Perry UT 84302

Fundraising has never gotten easier or more painless!  First of all, let me tell you why we need to fundraise and then let me tell you how simple it is for our group.  Every organization has some basic costs.  There is just no getting around that.  We need funds to copy/purchase/replace music, pay for rehearsal rental fees, make posters, programs, pay for insurance and some basic staffing fees.  Some groups charge membership fees.  In lieu of that, our group has decided to try this fabulous, PAIN FREE, method of fundraising.  Here is how it works:

Everyone has to eat, right?  If you already buy groceries at any Smith's location (anywhere) or Kent's in Tremonton and Brigham City, then you can help us! 

Dollar for dollar, we can exchange your cash for gift certificates for the EXACT SAME AMOUNT, which you can then turn around and spend like cash in the store on any item you want.  For Smith's, that includes prescriptions and gas at the pump*.  Valerie has several certificate amounts that you can choose from, and reloadable swipe cards** as well.

These certificates aren't only to be spent on Juan's Burritos!  They can be used to purchase anything in the store. 

How does this help us, you might be asking?  Well, for every dollar in certificates we sell, the symphony gets a kick-back of 5% put into our bank account.

Valerie brings supplies to every rehearsal and is happy to exchange your money right then and there.  No waiting!  Tell your friends, tell your family!   Anyone can buy certificates from us that want to, and our symphony gains the benefits.  Help support this wonderful program!

*Gift certificates at the Smith's can only be used at the gas pump when someone is at the customer service window.  To fill-up after hours, use a swipe card instead.

**Swipe cards require at least a $50 initial payment, and require that same amount minimum when you recharge.