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          Here is some important information to know about the Lake Arrowhead  Community:


1.                 You must be listed as the owner of record of your property at the Clinton County Recorder's office.  All taxes must be paid with the county!

2.                 You must provide the Lake office with a copy of the deed showing you as Owner of your property.

3.                 ASSESSMENTS of $75.00 per Lot must be paid yearly.

4.                 Property owners will be issued current Lake Arrowhead Vehicle stickers after assessments are paid and the vehicle information form is completed. (Available at office or Annual letter).

5.                 Anyone that does not have a current sticker will be made to sign in to proceed to your property only.  Renters to that property only!

6.                 If you do not have a current property owner sticker on a vehicle you are not allowed to use or park in the lake and beach area.  All children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult property owner.

7.                 All boats must be registered, licensed, tagged with the county and then a 10 dollar fee is charged for the boat sticker.  NO personal watercraft of any kind!  NO racers, jet boats of any kind!

8.                 A Missouri fishing permit (License) is required for fishing at the lakes, family and fishing boats only!

9.                 There is NO alcohol on the beaches, including all public areas.

10.            The speed limit in Lake Arrowhead is 10mph unless otherwise posted.

·        ATV's, mini-bikes, go carts, snowmobiles and off road motorbikes are allowed on your property only NOT on roads and not on other property!

11.            Golf carts, Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV'S) are allowed on roads and your property ONLY!  They are not to exceed posted speed limits and in property OWNER'S control at ALL times!

12.            Property owners are responsible for their guests at all times!  Renters are guests of the property owner.

13.            Guests must be with the property owners at all times, other than coming and going straight to and from their property.  Guest vehicles are not allowed to cruise lake roads or park anywhere other than on property owners area!  NO overnight parking anywhere other than your property!

14.            Building permits need to be filled out and approved by the board and Clinton County before any structure is erected or delivered.

15.            If anyone wants their lots mowed it is $60.00 per season per lot.  To be mowed three times per year (weather permitting).

16.            If there are any questions regarding the rules and regulations, check the covenants.  Any other questions contact your attorney.

17.            ANYONE suspect of CRIMINAL behavior will not be allowed to use Lake Arrowhead property!  This includes Lake Arrowhead roads!!

18.            Anyone who does not comply with all rules of the property is trespassing.


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