Mushroom goulash with barley

Recipe from Easy Cook

Serves: 4    Ready in: 35 min    Prep time: 15 min    Cook time: 20 min    Level: easy

½ cup barley
600 g honey mushrooms (without stems)
2 tbs olive oil
½ onion, chopped
Salt and pepper
5-6 sprigs fresh thyme
300 ml of water 
50 ml white wine
3-4 tbs sour cream

1. Cover barley with hot water and let stand for 15 minutes.
2. Leave mushrooms whole (if small), larger caps slice in half.
3. Briefly sauté onion in olive oil. Add mushrooms, salt and pepper, stir and sauté over high heat for 2-3 minutes.
4. Drain barley and add to mushrooms, stir.
5. Add thyme sprigs, and stir. Add water, bring the stew to a boil, reduce flame and cook for 20 minutes or until barley is cooked al dente. After 15 minutes of cooking add wine.
6. Remove thyme sprigs from the stew before serving and whisk in sour cream. 

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