Character Info
 Name: SaAvele
Short-name: Saa, SaA, SaAv
Race: Forest Spirit
Age: He is a forest spirit,, he wandered the deep woodlands  when they started to grow.
Birthday: None
Zodiac Sign:
Capricorn or Ox.
Origin: Nature
Occupation: Guardian of the woodlands
Sexual Orientation: He will love the person, regardless of sex.
Favorite Color: Green, as the spiring spring and the warm summer, orange/red as the mellow autumn colors. White and crispy blue as the cold yet beautiful winter.
Favorite Food:
Berries, bread, and wild meat.
Role in the house:  He do not live in the house.
Personality: This creature is very old, and with that comes wisdom and knowledge. His knowledge about the nature, animals and the woods are wast and deep. He is a lonely being, always wandering the woods, making sure  the trees and animals are good. He is not an evil spirit, he guards the forest and it's animals. But he can be very dangerous when times comes.
Likes: The forest, trees, animals, the wind, nature, the rain, the seasons, peace and tranquility.
Dislikes: Modern man that comes so harvest the forests, who cuts down old trees and exiles animals that lives there. The cities, pollution, evil minds. 
Special Abilities: He is a creature of nature, he knows every secret the trees and animals can have. He knows the old woods hidden secrets and their treasures. Ha can talk to every creature in his land, from the cunning fox to the oldest of trees.  he know the secret path throughout the woodlands. he forest even makes them for him, pushing plants out of the way when he is in a hurry. 

He is one of the old spirit Gods.He come to be when the big woods was just little sticklings. He was created to watch over the forest and all it's creatures.At first only as a spirit, and later he started to take form. He become a fores watcher, a guardian of nature. 

One time he had a family, but they are long gone.Only a faint memory for him now. He walks the wast woods, helping animals in trouble and checking on the forest folk. Being a diplomatic meddler between different races and groups. Coming with healing medicine to those in need. 

As soon he heard about the fairy princess he knew she was special.And he soon took a liking to her. He was sad when she left for the human world. But he understood she would like it there. He always loved her. Even if he never told her he was always there for her. So when she got a human man he was really hurt. But he still didn't say anything. He wanted her to live the life she wanted. He watched her live her life, and he every now and then visited her. Watched her. 

After the Tragic Event
It never effected him.But when he heard what had happened he rushed to the aid of his fairy friend.  Offer his support if she needed it. She left with him. Leaving the house and human world behind. She waned nothing to do with those memories, so she followed him back to the woodlands, being his companion on his travels. 
Doll info
Company : DollSoom
Type :SuperGem
Model : Sard
Specials :Full choice
event, fantasy parts
Resin color : Normal
Height : ca 68 cm
Sex : Male
Order date
Arrival date : 2021-10-08
Wig :  Monique Gold Label

Eyes : 14 mm pink glass
Face-up : custom made by Sour_Dotz
Other details : Sard have been my grail doll since 2008, when he first was released.