Character Info
Name: Nim-Fëa Freyvidyeldë 
Short-name: Nim
Race: Fairy
Age: 6
Zodiac Sign: 
Occupation: Kid, little prince
Sexual Orientation: None yet
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food:
 Ice cream
Role in the house: The mature little kid
Personality a good little boy who know that he is of royal blood, but also the circumstances why his family is banished. He loves his family and friend, have a sense of justice and tries to keep his mother as happy as he can. 
Likes:  Learning. Blue. 
Dislikes Being bored.  
Special Abilities: The abilities of the faeries; wings,, can turn invisible, have a special high pitched scream and manipulating dreams.
He was born as the fairy prince, the one who one day would take over the throne. He knew this from very little, and he was going to be a good king one day. He studied and trained to be both educated and a warrior as grown up. He loved his parents, his mother princess and his father, her loyal guard. He was a happy kid. He was always serious for being a kid. Since he knew he had some big shoes to fill in the future. 

After the Tragic Event
He don't really know what happened. He just know that suddenly his friends and his daddy is gone. And his mother is very sad. He miss his friends, and his dad but he tried to make his mom happy again. What ever it takes.
Doll info
Company : Fairyland
Type : Littlefee
Model : Juri 2013 event faceplate
Specials :
Resin color : Normal
Height : 26 cm
Sex : Male
Order date :  
Arrival date :
Wig: White/blue from Crobidoll
Eyes : Blue glass
Face-up : custom by Masayoshi220
Other details :Shares body with m other littlefee